December 16, 2010

My Fave Albums of 2010

OK, so now that 2010 is biting the dust and no new albums are coming on the next few days, I can safely announce what music rocked my world this year, so drum roll please...

1. The Like - Release Me

The retro rock masterwork, Amy Winehouse can eat her heart out. The Like ventured and succeed in the 1960's girl group territory. With lyrics full of wit, beats that will make you reply the album again and again, and again. You won't be skipping any tracks 'til the end... or the bonus track!

Key tracks: Narcissus In A Red Dress, In The End, Why When The Love Is Gone*... the full album!!!

2. Fangoria - El Paso Trascendental: Del Vodevil a la Astracanada

In the beginng there was Pegamoides, then Dinarama... but when Carlos Berlanga, thy proud Captain jump off the boat, Fangoria was born and the amazing talent of Nacho Canut and Olvido Gara (Alaska) took the main stage. 20 years later, the pair decided not only to release a singles collection, but record their own versions of some Pegamoides and Dinarama tracks.

While 'Vodevil' is the chronological compendium of the 22 singles, 'Astracadana' is the wild and amazing electro-pop reinvention of some familiar tunes, the dancefloor deities from Spain show us that you can go back and turn into gold even the most dated (but amazing) songs.

The special edition (available only in Spain) contains an extra CD (Sainete) with some rare tracks and b-sides (not the most comprehensive collection) and a DVD (Variedades) with all the videos (with the exception of the 'new' single Ni Tu Ni Nadie)

Key tracks: Sálvame, Me Odio Cuando Miento, El Cementerio De Mis Sueños, Absolutamente, Bailando, La Tribu De Las Chochoni, Descongélate, La Funcionaria Asesina, Quiero Ser Santa

3. Glee - Vol 3. Showstoppers, The Power Of Madonna, Journey To Regionals, The Rocky Horror Glee Show & The Christmas Album

So there was a little show about geeks turned into school choir gleeks. Fox and Ryan Murphy (The man behind the amazing Popular) bring pop tunes, Broadway showtunes, and some songbook standards to prime time... and it's beyond great.

With a great line up of performers that show that a wide vocal range can be exploited to create the perfect pop act (with some killer moves and great storytelling) Glee as a music product can make you enjoy those songs that you may hate with their original performers (The Beatles, Paramore, Kanye West, etc...)

And why I didn't put Volume 4 up there, to be honest the lack of showtunes, Telephone and the Umbrella/Singing In The Rain mash-up, made a lackluster of collection, hope those tracks show up in a compilation of the missing tracks from both seasons so far...

Key tracks: Gives You Hell, One Less Bell To Answer/A House Is Not A Home, Physical, Rose's Turn, Bad Romance, Borderline/Open Your Heart, Bohemian Rhapsody, Over The Rainbow, There's A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place), Baby, It's Cold Outside

4. Evelyn Evelyn - Evelyn Evelyn

So what do you get when you mix Amanda Palmer with Jason Webley? not the Olsen twins... but EvelynEvelyn, the conjoined twin sisters Eve and Lyn Neville that after 3 years of vigil, released the soundtrack of their life.

It's cute, disturbing, cheerful and depressive, all at the same time and with the best intentions, I still don't get why some people either felt enraged by the concept, or laugh stupidly (specially if you check videos of the live performances) at the twins

Final note, as a soundtrack the twin's story should be filmed, an animated feature in the vein of Coraline would be perfect.

Key tracks: Evelyn Evelyn, A Campaign Of Shock And Awe, Elephant Elephant, Love Will Tear Us Apart

5. Amanda Palmer - ...Performs The Popular Hits Of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele

And what do you get when you produce Amanda Palmer and her magical ukelele? a fucking amazing collection of Radiohead covers, I bet that Thom and the gang are really amazed with Miss Palmer's wit and skill.

If you love Amanda or Radiohead's music, this EP will bring some nice surprises to your playlist, it's a shame that the only 'physical' version was released in limited edition vinyl

Key tracks: High And Dry, No Surprises, Creep (both live versions)

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