October 17, 2012

Must See Horror

The Cabin In The Woods [or how awesome is to go over-meta]

So are you bitter about contemporary horror cinema? You complain about not enough blood, not enough violence, not enough fun, not an original idea...
Stop your messy whining, and run to the cinema or the nearest video store, and witness one of the most original, fun, and yet scary (if you are game and use your brain) films that had graced the silver screen in (at least) the new millennium.

With a bit fresh but yet familiar cast that includes the God of Thunder: Chris Hemsworth, A.j. Cook's doppelganger: Kristen Connolly, Mc. Youngster: Jesse Williams, New Zealander: Anna Hutchison & the crafty Fran Kranz; with some nice stellar performances by Bradley Whitford, Richard Jenkins and the original kick-ass woman in horror.

If you call yourself an horror fan, you must own this... and worship it!

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